Who owns the copyright of the art you copy?

Art House makes no claim to any copyright when we reproduce your art, the digital file is yours to do whatever you need. It is your art.

If you are not the artist of a piece, then we will require proof from you that either the artist has given you permission or you have made some other arrangement, like purchasing the copyright, before we proceed.

While Art House does retain a copy of the master digital file for the purpose of printing reproductions of any orders you place, we will never reproduce your art without your prior express permission to do so (eg, Sales through BuyArtNow.com.au). We won’t even post an image on Facebook without your permission!

Can I take my files elsewhere?

Sure – they are your files! We provide you with a link to download your files once we’ve captured them and it’s then up to you to store them safely.

We recommend you make multiple copies, store on a hard drive, in the cloud and at another location for complete safety. We will be your fourth back-up plan in that we always keep multiple copies/backups here and offsite ourselves.

We don’t lock you in to printing with us, you can print with whoever you like. We will however do everything we can to keep you happy so you keep coming back – does that sound fair? Anybody can print images for you but if you are loyal to us, we will go above and beyond for you!