Here’s some of the nice things our artists say about us…

I can trust my paintings to be reproduced to the highest of standards!

As an Artist you look for a place who produces the best reproduction ! I can say I found such place 20years ago – The Art House Reproduction team, at the helm Mark Lutz .

I can trust my paintings to be reproduced to the highest of standards. You feel at ease with a friendly greeting by Mark or son Anthony. Pick up day is exciting, I can choose the frame for the Reproduction as well as for the Original. I can even display my art in Gallery 6 31 next door as a member of The Complete Artist’s Selling System!

Mark and the team handle all my sales and I know they will be printed, packed and delivered perfectly every time, leaving me valuable time to paint.

An exceptional service, with very high standards and attention to detail!

Mark Lutz and his team provide an exceptional service, with very high standards and attention to detail. They are friendly, reliable and easy to work with. I have been getting my art captured and reproduced regularly since 2013, and love the high quality service, superb products and range of options they provide.
Julie Cane

I have to look hard to see which is the original and which is the reproduction!

Mark and co at Art House Reproductions have been professionally assisting me since 2004. I
have had giclee reproductions created from pastels, drawings and mixed media and not once been

The very first reproduction was of a pastel floral work, with each piece of such a high standard that even now I have to look at the back for the identifying mark I made to see which one is the original work among the framed others. Works on paper are of the same excellent standard as the works on canvas.

Mark also is very generous with his advice on things technical, including from how to enter competitions through to how to write up press releases and other promotional ideas. I offer my reproductions in limited editions and provide a signed certificate of authenticity with each one. Mark has also provided high quality reproductions for my articles in art magazines, and for my book. For overseas sales, Mark provides the convenience of handling all the transactions, as well as packaging and freighting the finished product.

I recommend Art House Reproductions without reservation. I enjoy the contact with other artists through the membership program TCASS, and the group Facebook page. I am made to feel welcome, and part of a family of colleagues.
Tricia Reust

I will be singing their praises all the way to the moon.

After 2 years and many terrible photographers later, I was ecstatic to be recommended to Art House Reproductions by a friend. On my initial contact in 2011, I was extremely impressed with Mark’s friendly, helpful nature. I was also immediately confident he knew what he was talking about.

I received an intro pack days later in the mail which was very professionally presented. Again I was impressed. After now having been into the office, meeting Mark and having had some photography and prints done… I will be singing their praises all the way to the moon. I am stunned too that cost of all this was much cheaper than the under-average work I have had done elsewhere in the past. The quality and service is exceptional and worth travelling down from the Sunshine Coast for.
Anita Nevar

Their creative input and professionalism is never in question!

I have been having my work photographed by the team at Art House since 2006. Their creative input and professionalism is never in question, and the outstandingly high quality of their products is exemplary.

They have assisted me with a large commission to provide reproductions both small and large as corporate gifts for the Thuringowa City Council, and a beautifully produced selection of stretched reproductions of my paintings for the walls at the Thoracic Ward, Prince Charles Hospital.

In addition, I am secure in the knowledge that very high quality captures of my best works (96 up to this point with more to come) are safely preserved for use into my future. I delight in the fact that making reproductions available extends the accessibility of my art to a much wider population than those who can afford originals, and that the reproductions are such a perfect colour match to the originals. I simply cannot recommend their services highly enough.
De Gillett Cox

I’m a tech train wreck!

I’m a tech train wreck. Mark, Anthony and Russell make my life easy and always with a smile and they create the finest reproductions I know of!

To be honest I was a bit shocked!

Very pleased to announce that the print of this painting is now available for purchase! Thanks to Mark and the team @ Art House Reproductions for being sponsor of the Second Prize Winner in the recent Australian Watercolour Muster Exhibition in Brisbane 🙏💙

To be honest I was a bit shocked when I received the sample prints from Mark, the quality is absolutely superb and looks very much like an original, all the details including pencil lines shown and the subtle colours all kept! I got no complaints!

The original work has been sold recently , I’m glad that there will be more people able to enjoy this painting from the prints being available.

Joining TCASS at Art House Reproductions has been the best decision I have ever made!

Hello, my name is Catherine Clark Dowden, I am a visual artist who loves to capture the spirit and energy of animals. I live in Greenmount, west of Mackay, North Queensland and began my art journey in 2009.

I contacted Art House Reproductions in July 2017 about the possibilities of getting Fine Art Reproductions created, I was very new to this aspect of an art business and decided to fly down to meet and see for myself what they could offer me. I can honestly say that when I met Mark and the team I was so very impressed with their knowledge and willingness to show me everything involved and I soon felt like we were old friends.

Joining TCASS at Art House Reproductions has been the best decision I have ever made! Their service and quality of product is impeccable and their continuous support is to be applauded. In the last three years they have helped me grow my art business in all aspects, from reproductions, administrative work to social media.

Belonging to the TCASS group is great, with weekly informative live sessions on Facebook, a website at our disposal brimming with information to cover all aspects of art business. Belonging to an ever increasing group of like minded people is a fantastic way to learn and evolve.

Mark and Anthony are always available for informed advise, suggestions and ideas when I need help. The team at HQ are fantastic, and me living in rural North Queensland, has not been a hinderance in the slightest.

I would whole heartedly recommend Mark, Anthony and the team to all artists anywhere in Australia who are wanting professional and guiding support in their art journey and art business.
Catherine Clark Dowden