Sell Your Art Online at BuyArtNow is our online art sales gallery, available only to members of The Complete Artist’s Selling System.

Here’s How It Works

1. You join “The Complete Artist’s Selling System” – follow the link for more details

2. You have artwork captured by us for listing and for sales in any other form.

3. You provide us with your biography, some photos of you and information about each artwork on the forms we provide and we then list your art for sale.

4. You promote your new site, we’ll promote the site as a whole and your page on rotation with others. we promote on Facebook, Instagram and LinkdIn and also via our newsletter direct to clients who opt-in to receive it via the link on our site.

5. When a sale happens, we will send you notification of the order as soon as we receive it with the client’s information so you can add them to your database.

6. We then take care of everything else… dealing with the client, printing, packaging and delivery.

7. We will pay you the balance of the sale after our commission and costs as covered here in the Knowledge Base.