7 great reasons why you should reproduce your art…

  1. Additional revenue. You can only paint so much, so fast – if you want to increase your income you need to paint more, sell more or duplicate your efforts.
  2. Create more clients! Art reproductions are the answer for those people who love your work but can’t afford an original.
  3. Low start-up costs! Low up-front setup fees allows you to have more images in production to create more sales.
  4. Order as you sell!  Reproduce art once or reproduce it one hundred times but only order what you need, when you need it.
  5. The quality is the best! Be confident that you are offering your clients the best product available today.
  6. More variety of substrates. With over 20 papers or canvases to choose from, you can closely match your original or create a whole new product.
  7. Sizes to suit. Your clients can order any size that best suits their needs.

As you start to consider these possibilities, questions will come flooding into your head. Don’t worry, we’ve heard them all and we have an answer for almost any question you can throw at us.

Every day we have artists contact us and ask “Do you do Gleeshay, no wait, Geekley, no, oh how do you say it?” No matter how you pronounce it, Giclee is the highest quality form of art reproductions using wide format inkjet printing technology.

The Giclee (pronounced “Gi” as in Genie and “clee” as in clay) Fine Art Reproduction is a museum quality, high resolution digital image on rag art papers or fine art canvas and is the modern alternative for art lovers. But to be perfectly frank, Giclee is just a word coined in the 90’s to indicate high quality inkjet printing.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to capture the emotional essence of your original work. We only use the finest quality materials that are recognized for their archival qualities. The process renders deep saturated colours and has a beautiful painterly quality that retains minute and subtle tints, blends and detail capturing the essence of the original artwork. When viewing their reproduction for the first time most artists say “WOW! I almost can’t tell the print from the original – it’s so good you’d think it was the real thing!”

But it doesn’t matter what you call it – Giclee, Fine Art Reproduction, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Pigment Print – you will love the quality and the potential for increase in sales. The big difference between what we do and what your average desktop inkjet printer does, goes beyond the sheer quality of the equipment.

We have years and years of experience in photography, printing, computer skills and we reckon we’re pretty good at what we do. Not only do we use the best equipment, we write programs specifically to improve the output of our machines. Each substrate we use has it’s own custom profile written by us so we know we get the best out of every product.

So read on, find out why the best reproductions start with the best digital capture system available in Australia!