The Biggest Misconceptions You’ve Heard About Art Reproductions

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At Art House Reproductions, we have over 80 years of combined photography experience and have copied over 22,000 artworks since 2001. Along the way, we have dealt with every conceivable challenge, and have come through every time with a seamless solution.

Over the years, we have come across a few common misconceptions of art reproductions. As lovers of art and fine art reproductions, we hope to dispel these common misconceptions to help keep artists informed and armed with the information they need to become better artists and better business people. Read on to discover the biggest misconceptions about art reproductions.

Art Reproductions Are Not ‘Prints’

A common mistake artists or people buying art make is calling art reproductions ‘prints’. The term ‘prints’ is not technically correct. Technically, ‘prints’ are what artists do themselves as linocuts, serigraphs, lithographs, etc. At Art House Reproductions, our team captures your artwork, using our specialised techniques to ensure your reproductions are colour correct and faithfully reproduce all the detail and tones of the original. We complete fine art reproductions by mechanical means (printed). Our photographic capture process is unmatched and results in the ultimate art reproduction quality. And these reproductions are named exactly that; reproductions – not art prints.


When it comes to art reproductions, and all images, the terms PPI (pixels per inch) and DPI (dots per inch) frequently get confused. Often these terms are used interchangeably – when they shouldn’t be. PPI refers to the resolution in pixels of a digital image. DPI is used to describe the number of ink dots on a printed image. DPI has nothing to do with digital reproductions and instead is concerned with print. PPI refers to the screen display; the number of pixels that exist between one inch of an image. The PPI impacts the print size of your design and the final quality of the output. Hence, the correct term to use for art reproductions is PPI, not DPI.

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The Term ‘High Resolution’ Is Incorrect

The term ‘High Resolution’ is actually an incorrect term. It should be ‘Appropriate Resolution’. If someone asks for a ‘high-resolution file’ they are using a term that simply isn’t correct. We frequently encounter customers who send in their ‘high resolution’ files taken on a ‘good camera’. Unfortunately, the digital file of their 100cm x 100cm artwork is then only good enough for a 25cm x 25cm print! Instead, reproduction files across all mediums, from large art reproductions to brochure files to wallpapers are ‘appropriately sized’ for that job. The files the Art House Reproductions team supply our customers with are captured in such a way as to provide files appropriate for virtually any purpose imaginable; from cards to the largest art reproduction printable. Plus, we can resize our files down to suit any purpose; because we always start with the largest file possible.

It Takes A Lot More Than A ‘Good Camera’ To Copy Art

As you may have gathered by now, there is so much more to reproducing art than merely using a ‘good camera’. The files need to be the appropriate resolution so the art can be reproduced across a diverse range of mediums. Plus, the skills required to reproduce art are unique and come with experience and time. There is a specific set of skills, knowledge and equipment required to create a brilliant, high-quality art reproduction that looks just as glorious as the original once printed. Perhaps to display an image of your art online, you will be fine with an image you have taken yourself. However, if you want to build a business by reproducing your art, you’ll need the help of a professional, specialised art reproduction company to copy your artworks.

Get High-Quality Art Reproductions With Art House

At Art House Reproductions, copying art is our speciality. While there are some brilliant professional photographers out there, photographing weddings, portraits or landscapes; this speciality is drastically different from copying art. Art House Reproductions utilise our fully equipped studio setup, colour management skills, techniques and decades of experience to reproduce art to the highest possible quality. We also have a multitude of other services including an online shop to support artists’ businesses. To enquire for art reproductions that capture every detail of your art and look just as good as the original, be sure to contact our team today.