Top 5 Reasons To Get Reproductions Made Of Your Paintings

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If you’re an artist looking to quit your full-time job and go ‘all in’ on your art or simply looking to increase or secure a more steady income, you may have considered a number of out-there ideas. Painting more, collaborating and pushing your commission work are all great ways to give yourself an income booster – but in the long run, they don’t really amount to much more ongoing work. This is where the world of giclee reproductions, or fine art reproductions, can really come into play. Instead of creating more ongoing work, reproducing your paintings can help you get more out of your existing work, as well as several other benefits along the way.

Read on to find out the top 5 reasons to get reproductions made of your paintings.

1. Reproductions Generate More Income

As aforementioned, art reproductions can quickly generate more income for a particular piece of work. Rather than selling a piece once, reproducing it allows you to sell it ten, twenty, thirty times. Although the price of a reproduction is lower than the original art price, there is no actual loss in selling both simultaneously – and this way, you will be able to get more bang for the effort you put into creating the piece in the first place. Better yet, if you have your art reproduced by a company that offers a ‘ complete selling system‘ (like us!), the process of reproducing and selling your art is entirely streamlined and tailored to make things easy for you.

2. Reproductions Increase the Value Of the Original Artwork

Contrary to popular belief, selling high-quality giclee reproductions of your art can actually increase the value of the original artwork. The price of art is often dependent on the availability of the art and the renown of the artist. So, if you increase the number of reproductions, that one original piece will be less available comparatively, and the artist will likely be more well-known as a result. Thus, the original art becomes more sought after for true art collectors, which will intrinsically raise the price in the consumer’s eyes.

3. Reproductions Make the Artwork More Versatile

Fine art printing is incredibly versatile and shouldn’t be forgotten when discussing the benefits of reproducing your artwork. Giclee reproductions can be produced on anything from paper to canvas, so the world is your oyster when it comes to the medium you would like to print on. Beyond that, giclee reproductions can generally be done on a reasonably on-demand basis, so you can offer more options to your clients – rest assured that you will be able to deliver their purchases promptly.

4. Reproductions Make Your Art More Accessible

As mentioned above, reproducing your paintings can increase the value of the original work. The reason for this is that your art is now more accessible and therefore more well-known. Making your art more available at a lower price than the original will significantly increase your art’s reach. Word of mouth is the most powerful type of marketing for any industry, and there is no real downside in increasing the number of satisfied customers you’ve sold art to. Cheaper and accessible art means more people will be talking and creating more positive word of mouth for your art.

5. Reproductions Create Opportunities For Limited Works

This is the last one and probably the most forgotten about when it comes to reproducing your art. Limited works and exclusive reproductions are a whole world of profit for artists. If you have a particularly popular piece, you can arrange an alternative reproduction of it. You may choose to print on a different medium or change a hue in the capturing process. Heck, you could even just number the reproductions and hand-sign them. These ideas are very simple, very cost-effective ways to implement giclee reproductions to create higher quality, limited works.

Why Print with Art House Reproductions?

If you’re thinking to yourself, “where should I get reproductions made out of my paintings?” you cannot go past the team here at Art House Reproductions. We pride ourselves on being experts in fine art reproductions, ensuring that all artwork is captured and copied at the highest possible quality. If your artwork is already on file with us, you can simply put in an order form at your convenience. Alternatively, book an appointment to start the art reproduction and selling process today!