Taking Things To The Next Level, Are You Ready To Sell Your Art?

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Creating your own art is rewarding on its own. That said, earning money along the way doesn’t hurt, especially if you’re hoping to build a viable, long term career as an artist. 

Building up the confidence to start selling your art can be challenging. The to-dos that come with selling your art are intimidating for a lot of artists. While it may take a little work, selling your art is incredibly exciting.

So if you’re ready to take things to the next level and start to sell your art, read on.

Social Media 

If you’re keen to sell your art, people need to know it exists. 

If you haven’t already set up social media pages for your art business, do this now. Instagram, being a visually driven platform, is essential for artists. Setting up a Facebook page is another great way to showcase your art, while effectively managing the business side of things. If you have the time to manage both effectively, it’s best to invest in both of these platforms.  

As well as showing your art works, include other content that is related to your business. This could include a review of your work or a flier for a gallery that features your art.



Setting up a website to showcase your work (and your available work) is another crucial step when selling your art. Try to make it aesthetically pleasing to maintain a professional appearance. Most importantly, it must be informative. Include clear labels and descriptions of your pieces, an up to date resume, relevant reviews, and links to your social media accounts.   

Selling Your Art

When it comes to actually selling your art, artists must approach this in a way that maximises their return on investment. Instead of earning from a single art piece, why not multiply your income? If you want to get serious about selling your art, investing in reproductions is essential. Copying artwork is a highly skilled practice – and owning a good camera simply won’t cut it. Art House Reproductions have over 80 years combined photography experience and have copied over 22,000 artworks since 2001. 

Your reproduced art must honour the original. We capture artwork using specialised techniques to ensure our reproductions are colour correct and faithfully reproduce all the detail and tones of the original.


Use The Best Images To Sell Your Art

When selling online, the images you use must reflect the quality of your work. They need to be high quality images that are a true reflection of the original. 

Art House Reproductions print a 30cm proof print for your approval. Your digital file is saved in up to 5 formats for your use and uploaded to a shared folder online for your access – so you can upload these images straight to your website. 

Where Will You Sell

There are a variety of avenues artists may choose to sell their artwork. Firstly, they can sell their art through their own website. Artists may also choose to use online auction sites, such as eBay.

Art House Reproductions have an established online art sales gallery, BuyArtNow. We capture your artwork, you provide us with your biography and we list your art for sale. 

We support our artists further by promoting them on our social media platforms and our newsletter that is delivered to clients who opt-in to receive it via the link on our site. As soon as a sale happens, we send our artists a notification of the order with the client’s information. Artists can then add these clients to their database. This helps ensure you can stay in touch with buyers interested in your work.



Now you’ve made your sale, it’s time to deliver your work. And, you guessed it, Art House Reproductions have you covered here too. We take care of printing, packaging, delivery and managing all needs of the client.  

What’s Next?

When you finally manage to sell your art, first of all, be proud of yourself! You’ve not only managed to overcome the challenge of marketing your art work, but you’ve started the journey towards building a viable career as an artist. 

Beyond reproductions, we offer a wide variety of services as part of our commitment to continuously supporting artists. We offer training seminars that cover sales and marketing, business mentoring and advice, gallery hire and more. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our services. In the meantime, learn how our reproductions have helped artists just like you.